January 28, 2022

When the first Jeep was built for the troops serving in the WWII, no-one would have been able to foresee how commercially successful the vehicle would become; how its design would change and evolve over the decades; and how it would soon become the go-to vehicle for young men and women who liked to give the impression that they spend their weekends enjoying off-road adventures.

Jeep-style vehicles are made by a number of auto companies around the world, but it is the US motor manufacturer Jeep which makes some of the most iconic and instantly recognizable versions of this fun and sporty vehicle. In fact, Jeep is the modern incarnation of the company which made that very first jeep back in the 1940s, Willys-Overland, who made vehicles for the army and then created the first Civilian Jeep, known as the CJ, in 1945.

Modern jeeps have lots of great features but there are also some downsides to owning one, whether you actually use it for off-roading or just drive it on the morning commute. The fact that they are designed for rough and ready off-road tracks means that Jeep vehicles are more robust than regular cars and often last a lot longer than many other similarly priced cars. However, remember to take into account those disadvantages before you make the decision to buy yourself a Jeep.


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