August 17, 2022

Nissan has pushed the boundaries of pickup trucks and has explored new possibilities of its line of full size trucks, the best example of which is the Titan Warrior Concept. Ever since its debut in 2016 at the Detroit auto show, truck lovers have been flocking to dealerships to witness the warrior for themselves.

From its massive power trains to intimidating chassis, the Warrior has been optimized for off-roading. The warrior truly lives up to its name and purpose!

1. The Body of a Warrior

Titan comes from the Greek word for warrior and one look at the Nissan Titan Warrior will tell you that no other name could have done justice to this mighty full size pickup truck. Nissan always aims at bringing innovation with its Nissan latest models, but, this truck breaks all barriers. The truck is 81.5 inches tall, 86.6 inches wide with hard angles and masculine lines on its armor-like body, creating a ferocious presence.

To add to its bold look, Nissan has added thick, beefy front fenders which accommodate a massive, 37-inch off-road tires on 18-by-9.5-inch custom wheels. Its exterior includes a skid plate which is deem useful during off-road conditions and robotically menacing headlights that give a galactic look to this Titan.

Its exterior tech include roof integrated off-road LEDS and a quad exhaust system.

2. A Luxurious Interior

New Nissan cars 2018, TX, no matter how bulky or hi-tech, doesn’t compromise on comfort and luxury. The same trait is epitomized in the Warrior. The seats are made with high-strength fabric and the entire interior surface features carbon fiber, polished chrome and an orange hue that blends the interior with the exterior. The steering wheel is customized and made from a single aluminum block, so you can trust its solid feel to never let you down in the midst of a tricky terrain.

3. A Power Train Like None Other

The Titan Warrior was built of the Nissan latest models of the Titan XD crew cab and its Cummins turbo diesel engine. The turbo diesel engine offers 310 horsepower and 555 lb.-ft. of torque that can handle any steep mountain or terrain and pull up to 12,300 lbs. The turbo engine of the Titan XD has been modified to make the Titan Warrior the most capable truck to ever hit the road. Modifications include;

– A continuous power boost from a two-stage turbocharger.
– A high pressure common rail fuel system.
– A light weight cylinder block made from granite iron which is both stronger and lighter than standard iron.

The Warrior is also positioned on a completely new, long travel suspension with hydraulic pressurized bump stops.

4. Technology

Just like the new Nissan cars 2018, this full size pickup truck also has a truck load of useful tech features. It has a 7-inch touch screen system with navigation, dual climate control, and rear cameras. The interior has enough USB ports in the front and back which ensure that you are supported by your devices all through out the adventure.

The Nissan Titan is the powerful and ferocious pick up truck that truck enthusiasts have been waiting for all this while. It’s a truck that is ready for all kinds of off-roading battles. If you want a truck that pushes boundaries and commands attention, then The Nissan Titan Warrior at the car dealers in Dallas, TX, is probably what you are looking for.


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