August 17, 2022

In terms of all-terrain driving adventures, the Land Rover Defender is an expert. While it is drivable on paved roads, it shows its iconic versatility and 4×4 capability especially off the road. But if someone is looking for the ultimate Defender, perhaps Italian coachbuilder Ares Design has something to offer – the new Ares Design Land Rover Defender.

Based in Modena, Italy, Ares Design is a relatively new company in the field of bespoke automotive design and modifications. Nonetheless, Ares Design has proven itself to be highly capable of creating high-quality coach-built cars, converting almost any type vehicles into a bespoke creation. One of its latest works, the Ares Design Land Rover Defender, is no exception.

Ares Design founder and chief executive Dany Bahar called the Ares Design Land Rover Defender as the ultimate Defender. He noted that while the Defender is a motoring icon, icons can be re-imagined. As re-imagined, the Ares Design Land Rover Defender doesn’t just offer incredible performance, but also boasts of captivating appearance and opulent touches similar to that of a luxury SUV.

Indeed, the new Ares Design Land Rover Defender can be considered as an ultimate representation of the iconic 4×4, blending power, luxury and flamboyance in a single package. This package has been thoroughly re-engineered to deliver more than what a typical Defender can.

The Ares Design Land Rover Defender is based from a 2014 Land Rover Defender, building on the original’s steel frame with side and cross members. The exterior was extensively revised, making it looked like that the Defender has undergone some sort of evolution. Ares Design reworked the body of the Defender using premium quality carbon fiber. The bodywork now features specific elements designed for off-road protection. These elements include heavy-duty front and rear bumpers, front side protection, side steps as well as reinforced front and rear recovery tow point. It also features a Warn’s front Winch. Likewise, the Ares Design Land Rover Defender makes use of new LED front and rear lights. The re-imagined Defender also boasts of a bespoke exhaust system, an off-roading kit and roofbars.

Inside, the Ares Design Land Rover Defender is fully customized, with a cabin reworked according to the design preferences of customers. Its hand-crafted interior panels are made from carbon, aluminum and leather while its customized sports steering wheel features fiber inserts.

Developed in collaboration with JE Motorworks, the Ares Design Land Rover Defender is powered by a naturally aspirated V8 engine that delivers 282 bhp of output and 325 lb.-ft. of torque, or a supercharged V8 mill that develops 478 bhp and 479 lb.-ft. Power is sent to all four wheels through six-speed automatic transmission, with the drive system featuring rear limited-slip differential. The suspension system employs a coil spring and Fox 2.0 shock absorber. Also installed is a lift kit that hikes the suspension by 75 mm for the naturally aspirated V8 model and 50 mm for the supercharged version.

Featuring AP Racing and electronic parking brake for stopping power, the Ares Design Land Rover Defender rides on a set of Ares 18-inch wheels shod with 305/70r18 Cooper Discoverer tires (STT PRO for mud terrain and ST MAXX for all terrain).

To avail of the Ares Design Land Rover Defender, clients must provide their own Defender, pay as low as €215,000 (£192,230) and wait for around eight weeks for Ares Design to complete the conversion.

Source: Ares Design

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