August 17, 2022

The German company Audi will show a brand new multimedia system for its cars during CES in Las Vegas. The world’s largest consumer electronics exhibition is in early January.

Audi’s great novelty will be a “mobile cinema” that will allow passengers to watch movies and concerts even in motion. The development is foreseen for future self-steering cars. The idea is that in congestion or annoying driving on the highway you will be able to turn on the autopilot and have extra spare time.

At present, the Ingolstadt company is the only model that has begun autonomy from Level 3 in the new Audi A8. He is able to move only on traffic on the highway while the driver reads a book for example. However, technology is only available in several separate markets headed by Germany.

Audi has not yet disclosed more details about the mobile cinema, except to present all of their new developments installed in the electrical e-Tron.

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