August 17, 2022

Volkswagen has unveiled its all-new third-generation Touareg in China, the company’s biggest single market, and the SUV is moving upmarket loaded with tech

If you’re wondering why Volkswagen decided to globally premiere the all-new Touareg in China then please step out from below that rock and realize that Wolfsburg sells three-million cars in China a year.

So one of its most important vehicles heads to its most important market, as the third-generation Touareg prepares to take over where the previous two generations left off. Namely at the top of the sales charts, with one million of them already produced since the nameplate rolled out in 2002.

Volkswagen, then, didn’t hold back with the new car, introducing a cockpit similar to what you get in the finest Audis, with a 12-inch driver’s display and a massive 15-inch optional system.

Besides that big leap on the interior front, the highlight is the new Touareg’s breadth of assistance tech. It’s basically the most tech-laden Volkswagen ever, with kit such as night vision ob-board, as well as pedestrians and obstacle detection, lane assist, and semi-autonomous driving modes.

Being wider and longer than before, the vehicle also affords passengers more space, while weighing in up to 106kg lighter than its predecessor thanks to nearly half of the body made of aluminium.

Surprisingly, at sales launch in Europe Volkswagen will offer the new Touareg with a pair of diesel V6 engines, deploying about 230bhp and 280bhp. Naturally the one we in the Middle East care about is a petrol-burning force-fed V6 delivering 340 horsepower, while China will be first to get a new plug-in hybrid Touareg worth 360 horsepower.

That’ll warm us up for the main act, as Volkswagen readies its first all-electric SUV, the I.D. Crozz, scheduled to arrive on the market in 2020.


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