January 28, 2022

Amid the coronavirus threat looming large, we need to adhere to certain precuationary measures to keep ourselves safe while stepping into the car or while driving to buy certain household essentials in case of an emergency

New Delhi: Amid the coronavirus threat which has led the global citizens to follow and practice much required safety precautions as a preventive mechanism to combat the deadly novel virus, we need to be equally careful while stepping into our car and driving out to buy some essentials, in case an emergency situation arises or demands us to do so.

Under the present scenario, where self-isolation and social distancing has been strictly advised by all health authorities, going out in your car is strictly forbidden under lockdowns imposed by various state governments.

In case, you need to drive out to buy anything essential for your household, here are some guidelines to follow when you drive your car –

  • The most important practice starts with you first before getting into your car. Before you sanitize your car, you must first keep yourself as sanitized as possible. By that, we mean doing the basic functions like washing your hands regularly with a sanitizer and not touching your eyes/mouth/nose with your hands.
  • Before you get in your car, make sure your car is germ free. Thus a clean car is essential. Wear gloves and then give your car a clean. After that only you can start the process of sanitizing your car.
  • Start with the outer touch points and sanitize it first using an alcohol based (70 percent) sanitizer. Clean the door handles for example as that is the most touched part and also clean the car key.
  • Inside the car, start cleaning and sanitizing the essential touch-points like an interior door handle, steering wheel, ac knob, your centre console, your seat adjuster, mirrors, glove-box. Any surface which you regularly come in contact with.
  • Do remember that alcohol does not damage your car and your car’s interior is strong enough to withstand it. But do not scrub it very hard, instead be gentle and a few swipes will do the trick.
  • The most important part when doing a journey is keeping some essentials like a sanitizer or a box of tissues with you.
  • It is best to avoid having multiple people driving your car. If you have a chauffeur/any other family member driving the car, avoid that. Also avoid taking any passenger with you at all in the first place.
  • Generally avoid taking your car to crowded areas or when filling fuel, keep a distance from the fuel pump attendant. Wear a mask also.

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