June 25, 2022

German DHL in cooperation with Japanese company Yamato to deliver 500 new electric vans by autumn

Electrification has taken a significant lead in the last period, where all brands are fully committed to tracking this trend. This is also joined by the German postal company DHL, which in cooperation with the Japanese Yamato, develops a common small electric van that will serve for door-to-door delivery.

As far as plan is concerned, as early as autumn, 500 units of this model should be delivered, intended only for the metropolitan area of ​​the great Tokyo. This will mark the first significant introduction of electric vehicles by a large Japanese logistics company, which plans to replace 40,000 vehicles with its fleet with electric vehicles.

The initial incentive for developing such a vehicle is the daily increase in the number of packages that the delivery companies face. This is the result of a change in consumer habits that are increasingly prone to online shopping. The more deliveries, the higher the emission of exhaust gases, and thus the harmful impact on the environment is significantly reduced by replacing a part of vehicles with conventional engines, with electric ones.

The company owned by DHL StreetScooter is in charge of the production of the new electric vehicle, while Yamato has the task of equipping all units with a freezer and a refrigerator.
The new Van is designed to give operators easy access to the load, without having to enter the cooling and freezing compartment. Of course, some of the advantages of an electric van are also reduced maintenance costs, due to the smaller number of parts compared to conventional-powered vehicles.

The Japanese company was recently hit by the regional crisis in Japan, after this step is trying to reduce physical pressure on its employees, as well as with improved working conditions to attract new ones.

The two companies will soon sign an agreement on upcoming co-operation, estimated at around $ 36 million, including the cost of building the appropriate infrastructure. As part of this project, the installation of charging equipment is about 100 key points in the Tokyo area. It is expected, with a single charge, to allow the electric van to operate for six to seven hours, with a range of about 100 kilometers.


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