August 17, 2022

Traditional workbenches come in a basic shape and size – a work surface with four workbench legs on the corners for support. While these can provide an adequate workspace, ordinary workbenches tend to be big and bulky, take up valuable garage space, and can lack necessary support.

You don’t have to settle for an ordinary workbench. Instead of making sacrifices (like parking your vehicle outside) to accommodate your workbench (which may go unused for months at a time), you have the option to have a workbench that accommodates your needs.

Adding a workspace to your home or garage no longer means you need to give up valuable floor space. For many people, garage space is limited as it is, let alone when they add a clunky workbench to the mix. One of the great benefits of the leg-free, folding workbench is that it provides a heavy-duty work surface when you need it, and when it’s not in use, it seamlessly collapses and folds down. When the bench is in the “down” position, it takes up less than 4 inches of garage space. So feel free to park that car back in the garage!

People don’t come in one shape and size, so you shouldn’t have to settle for a workbench that does. Instead of you having to adjust to the height of a basic workbench with a certain height of legs, this wall-mounted workbench gives you the freedom to choose the optimal height for your workspace. A good height for someone 6’5” is completely different from someone 5’7”. Some people prefer to sit while others prefer to stand. The choice is now yours.

Another nice feature of this wall-mounted workbench is that it provides a very safe, sturdy workspace. With a 400-pound load rating, it can handle your heavy-duty projects. The 2-latch safety system prevents the top from lowering unintentionally. While traditional workbenches with 4 legs can provide a solid workspace, it can have its issues at times. For example, if your garage floor isn’t perfectly level, your workbench can wobble creating some safety concerns.

So, as you are considering your workbench options, I urge you to look beyond the ordinary and consider a workbench that fits your lifestyle. You’ll thank yourself this winter when you see your neighbors out scraping ice off their windshields because they were forced to park their car outside to make room for their big, clunky workbench.


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