August 17, 2022

Electric vehicles have a number of advantages compared to classic cars

The electricity is cheaper, the electric ones are far cleaner, defects and repairs are rarer during their service life and much cheaper. A new study proves that one more thing is added to these advantages – the man feels more relaxed and less tired behind the steering wheel of an electric vehicle. This means that electricians are more useful to the mental state of a person and show much less negative impact on the brain.

This research is carried out by Dr. Duncan Williams of the University of York, UK and proves that in the absence of a buzz of the classical car, the psyche of the human does not undergo the impact of the noise and therefore sustains more burdens.

It is determined by means of encephalographs mounted on the heads of London taxi drivers. During an entire working day, electroencephalograms of electrical impulses of the brain were recorded. Drivers changed their cars for several days – electric, diesel and vice-versa.

In the end, it was found that electric vehicle drivers were more focused on movement, more relaxed and focused, less tired and irritated.

At the same time, drivers of diesel taxi performances have shown quite poor results. Particularly strong was seen the difference in the most frequent crossroads in the traffic jams and in the waiting for the green light of the traffic lights. The pulse of the electro-toxics drivers was practically constant, while in diesel drivers there was a sharp decrease, so the jump. During the research, the examined drivers also confirmed after testing that they were better physically and mentally behind the electric controller, they were more focused, did not feel aggressive and enjoyed the quiet operation of the machines.

Dr. Williams notes that medical equipment in electromobiles drivers recorded higher mental activity and increased attention. This means that these vehicles allow drivers to more concentrate on traffic and work more closely, and this is a huge advantage in the conditions of urban transport, from several aspects.


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