August 17, 2022

The elegant concept called Fiat Fastback debuted in San Paolo

In order to expand its SUV offerings to the Brazilian market, Fiat presented its new SUV concept at the International Motor Show in San Paolo, demonstrating its vision for the future in this current segment.

The concept of Fastback looks like a coupe-SUV, whose silhouette does not resemble that of the Mercedes GLC Coupe.

In front of this SUV are two-layer headlights that are connected with a small luminous strip stretching across the edge in the area under the front hood. There’s also a second set of lights that are at the very ends of the front grille, which with its design resembles that of Fiat Toro.

The design of the rear is oriented towards contributing to a more receptive look at this concept. The rear bumper is with a beautiful design, and is complemented by wide reflectors placed in the lower part.

In presenting this concept, Fiat was concentrated purely on the outer appearance of the vehicle, while the interior was not represented, and at the same time it was not accessible by being hidden behind the dark-dimmed glasses of the vehicle.

The secrecy was retained in the part of the platform as well as the drive in this model. But as we can see from the size of Fastback, we can assume that it will use the same bases on which they are based, and Jeep Renegade, Compass and Fiat Toro.

“Fastback represents the materialization of Fiat’s changes,” said Fiat’s commercial director, Heralder Zola.

During the speech of this event, FCA Group president Antonio Filosa announced a plan for investing in the Brazilian market from $ 2.12 billion to 2023 for new models, engines and multimedia systems. Until then, this manufacturer plans to present 15 new models in this market.

The production version of Fastback should be among this figure, so it would be expected to arrive in 2020.


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