August 17, 2022

After their “Renault 4” produced in 1978 last year went from Stojkovo and reached Nice, this time the plan of Dzoko Shuklev and Gorgi Nikolov is to arrive in Beijing.

They publish their adventures, hackers and accidents on Facebook, on the site “From Stojkovo to Nice with Renault 4”.

However, in the latest post, they inform their thousands of fans that they currently have a problem at the Chinese border, where they do not allow them to enter the country.

– We should have a travel agency from China as a guarantor of entry into the country, as well as a Chinese driver. It’s all right, but nobody in the Chinese Embassy told us this, even though we knew we were going with a car and that our ultimate goal was Beijing. If we knew we would prepare ourselves ahead of time for everything. We wanted to cross at least on foot, but now they do not let us go. They tell us to go to Mongolia and hence to catch a train to Beijing. We are on the border here for 14 hours – they say Gjorgji and Dzoko.

Will the Chinese authorities allow them to achieve their goal, remains to be seen.

Joco and Giorgi write that wherever they appear, they captivate the locals with their 40-year-old vehicle, all photographing with the old-timer and the two drivers.

If everything goes according to plan, they should come back to Macedonia in the period from August 10 to August 15.

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