August 17, 2022

After reviewing earlier this month, Hyundai unveiled the concept HDC-6 Neptune at the Atlanta Commercial Vehicles Show

Designed to highlight the fact that Hyundai is “exploring opportunities” and aiming for zero CO2 emissions, the company’s concept model is a semi-heavy-duty Class 8 truck running on hydrogen.

In addition to the eco-drive, the HDC-6 Neptune comes with Art Deco design, which draws inspiration from the former streamliner trains of the 1930s, and the company also cites the work of industrial designer Henry Dreyfus, who attributes the creation of one of the most interesting trains for the New York Central Railroad.

At the front of the concept truck is dominated by a large windscreen that continues towards the cab. The HDC-6 Neptune is also equipped with digital side mirrors that display images of a unique frame inside the cabin.

Hyundai has not yet come up with the exact specifications of its concept model, but said fuel cells are perfect for heavy trucks and long distances due to longer driving range, shorter charging time and significantly lower costs.

In addition to the HDC-6 Neptune, Hyundai also introduced the Nitro ThermoTech trailer. Developed in collaboration with Air Liquide, ThermoTech is a chamber trailer that uses a cryogenic nitrogen cooling system.


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