August 17, 2022

The Japanese tuner knows how to go full Brabus on a budget using Suzuki’s boxy off-roader.

Currently, Suzuki’s Japanese factory is unable to satisfy global demand for the Jimny, which leaves us wondering whether a second version such as this fantastic pickup could ever make it into series production.

However, while people wait for their regular Jimnys to get off the cargo boats, local tuner Liberty Walk came up with the perfect car for those who can’t afford a G-Class, let alone one of Liberty Walk’s Brabus-shaming G63 AMGs. And the size difference is hilarious.

Okay, so the Jimny is not the fastest SUV on this planet, whether you choose one with the 100-horsepower four cylinder, or the JDM turbo-three with 64hp. But with its road tires, the G63 happens to be more of a fashion accessory, which means that the adventure-focused Jimny would be more than able to keep up with it off-road. Not to mention that since the short-wheelbase G was discontinued in 2011, you don’t have the option of a two-door. That’s another plus for the Jimny.

Save money and fuel, fool everybody, and have fun! That’s the Liberty Walk Jimny’s message, and we approve.


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