August 17, 2022

This conceptual SUV model of BMW has a third-level autonomy, which provides a brief overview of the future of personal mobility

The Los Angeles show, held recently, is a great place where world carmakers can promote their new models.

This task was great for the Bavarian manufacturer, who attracted great attention from visitors by presenting his new concept model, which is an autonomous SUV. This concept carries the name BMW Vision iNext, and aims to show BMW’s views on its future and its vision.

The concept resembles the X5 above all its size, but the manufacturer claims that it has a wider interior thanks to the electrical specific architecture of the vehicle that comes in superior packaging.

The main visual feature of this BMW concept is of course the huge kidneys in the front. They do not actually represent a classical grid but a panel that houses the sensors of the autonomous system, bearing in mind that electric vehicles do not need to be cooled down.

The design of the interior is minimalist, with mixing of wood, fabric and metal with digital displays.
In the space between the front seats, the classic armrest is replaced by a table-style console, while the rear bench is designed for four passengers.

One of the most interesting and innovative features in this concept model are the LEDs fitted under the back of the back bench. Their task is to illuminate the path of the touch of your finger, by which you manage a part of the car’s functions. So, draw a note to activate the radio, drag your finger on the bench to change the song, or press to change the volume.

“Technology must be a human experience, and design allows it. The human need is to have a favorite space. This car can drive independently, and you must trust the technology, “said BMW’s design chief, Domagoj Dukek.

This futuristic SUV is powered by front and rear electric motors, as well as batteries placed underneath the car’s bottom.

According to BMW, Vision iNext is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour for about 4 seconds, offering an electric range of 611 kilometers.

In this autonomous concept model there are two modes of operation: Boost and Ease. The first mode will be selected if you want to operate the vehicle so that the digital displays will be focused on the driver. The second mode is an autonomous mode, where the steering wheel and the pedals retract and Vision iNext manages it alone. In order to enable better communication between the front seat occupants and the rear bench, the head restraints are also withdrawn in this mode of operation.

Certainly, this concept model will not be available on the market, but BMW has announced that it will start production of a lighter version of Vision iNext from their 2021 Dingolfing plant in China.


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