January 28, 2022

The American company Rivian at this year’s auto show in Los Angeles introduced two new electric models, R1T and R1S

In 2009, as a new member in the production industry, a new brand emerged on the automotive scene under the name Mainstream Motor, which was later renamed Rivian. With only 560 employees and several years of shadowwork, this manufacturer finally debuted with his electric pickup car under the name R1T.

This car looks very much like a concept model. With the front and rear light grid, we must admit that it really reminds of the conceptual performance of the Volkswagen Tanoak. They even glow in green when the vehicle is plugged into a charger.

With its skateboard based design, this model is a true battery on wheels that allows for a rather entertaining use of space, which the company has fully utilized. In the section behind the back bench, there is a small tunnel that is an interesting storage unit.

The interior of this pickup truck is quite spacious, where the floor is made of a solid rubber instead of a carpet, and the seats are made of a soft but still solid fabric called Chilewich.

Despite the fact that the R1T is a daily pickup truck, it is also intended for off road conditions, so it comes with a navigation that has programmed and many maps of its kind.
The impressive feature of this model is that despite the low-tensioned battery, it can penetrate into water of almost one meter without any consequences.

The space in the load compartment is really very wide and comes with a cover, as well as roof rails that easily move. Also in this part there is a pump for bicycles and a safety cable for fastening the load.

Each wheel is powered by a 147 kW device, which allows precise torque control while all batteries and power units are placed below the wheel height. This creates a low center of gravity, which is an ideal feature for such a load model

The manufacturer claims that with the help of the delivered torque, the R1T from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour accelerates for an impressive 3 seconds and also has a towing capacity of 5 tonnes.

Several types of batteries can accommodate this model. The largest has a capacity of 180 kWh, it can travel about 640 kilometers per charge, and for less than an hour it is filled up to 80 percent with the help of the quick charging device. So with a charge of only 20 minutes you can drive from 160 to 240 kilometers.

From Rivian say the starting price of R1T will be $ 61,500, and that its delivery will begin at the end of 2020.
Predisposing to be the heaviest electric SUV, the new R1S is equipped with seven seats and is a more practical brother on the R1T. With a mix of graces and aggression, the new R1S has an exquisite design.

His specifications are almost exactly the same with the pickup model, except that R1S is a little shorter. So this SUV is based on the skateboard platform. It is equipped with the same batteries with a capacity of 180 kWh, 135 kWh or 105 kWh, which will be available within six months after the launch. The electric range of R1S is about 640 kilometers per one charge.

Despite its weight of 2650 kilos, Rivian claims that with this electric model, acceleration from 0 to 100 is for 3 seconds.

Powered by four electric motors, its power is approximately 700 horsepower.

The delivery of R1S will begin in early 2021, and the price will be slightly higher than that of the R1T and will start at $ 72,500.


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