August 17, 2022

All those who were preparing to buy the brand new and fully electric crossover of the Mercedes-Benz – EQC, which was introduced by the company two months ago, will have to have patience

The German manufacturer postponed the start of sales for a year. The reason for the delay is that Daimler’s battery company, which is responsible for producing lithium-ion batteries for the vehicle, is not yet ready. It is planned to employ at least 500 new employees by the end of the year. Thus, instead of January, the production of the Mercedes-Benz EQC will start from April.

Mercedes claims that the delay is only temporary, as Daimler is currently expanding its production facilities, which previously provided 200,000 batteries a year.
Mercedes’s plans to electrify the entire range of models by 2022 require a significant increase in battery production. Interestingly, the main competitor of the brand Audi was also forced to postpone the launch of the e-tron electrical crossover.

The official reason that was published is a problem with software development, but it is claimed that Audi and LG Chem battery makers can not understand the price of batteries that will be delivered to the electric model.


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