June 25, 2022

This time the German manufacturer decided to miss the fair in Geneva, delaying the premiere of the new generation of its popular compact model

Just a few months ago, the first images of the Unmarked Golf 8 leaked, from which the new design of the front and rear of the compact model could be seen. This time, new photographs emerged that show the almost complete final design of the new Volkswagen.

From what we can see, the prototype model shows small coverings at the ends of the front and rear headlights. However, the production version is expected to use similar light units at both ends, which does not expect big surprises at the premiere in this regard.

The newest stylish language of the brand fits perfectly into the new eighth generation of the compact model, which gives it a more modern and more contemporary look. Every body of the Golf 8 is completely new, and the design in the front gives it a look similar to the Arteon. However, the rear part contributes to the uniqueness of this model, making the similarity with the smaller Polo is not at all present.

As an interesting change in this car, it is also the position of the exterior mirrors, whose classical window position is now replaced by a door arrangement.

The new Golf 8 will be based on an upgraded version of the platform on which the current model is based and is named MQB Evo. As a result, the car will weigh up to 45 pounds less, and there will be a larger wheelbase that will result in a more spacious interior.

Production is expected to start in June, while its premiere is likely to take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.


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