August 17, 2022

With a compact design, the new GLB is a concept crossover that greatly combines the convenience and performance

At the stand of Mercedes at the Shanghai Fair, the SUV segment debuted the new concept model GLB. The compact Baby G-Wagen is equipped with seven seats, and is also a very close version of the production car that will appear on the market by the beginning of 2020.

The new Mercedes GLB shares chassis technology, powertrains and interior parts with other models of the A and B class brands, but unlike the GLA, it is characterized by greater versatility and robustness.

It is the largest car based on the Class A architecture, 4.634mm in length, 1.890mm in width and 1.900mm in height. With this GLB is 217mm longer than GLA, and the increased wheelbase of 2.829mm provides enough space for three rows of seats, where the rear two seats are suitable for passengers up to 170cm height.

According to designer Achim Badstabner, in the outer design, elements from the larger GLS, such as side pillars, can be recognized, and are present and taken in details from the G class, but in a more elegant appearance. He also confirmed that the concept GLB is pretty close to the production version of the model, where the main differences would be in the wheels and glossy black trims. The LED light devices, as well as the large front grille, are expected to be unchanged.

In order to make an excellent rival to the new Range Rover Evoque and the Volvo XC40, Mercedes has adapted the new SUV to provide a true off-road experience. The potential can be seen through the short front and rear “eaves” and the folding of the doors with the thresholds.

As already mentioned, the interior uses familiar elements of the A and B class, although the control panel has got its own unique shape. The large digital display dominates the dashboard, and aluminum air vents are already known to us. “The design of the interior is just like the production version,” adds Badstable.

The concept Baby G-Wagen is equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 221 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque, but the production version is expected to offer a similar line of GLA engines with a weaker 2.0 liter units and 2.2-liter diesel options. All four-wheel drive, powered by an eight-speed automatic transmission, is available. There are also three modes of operation, where power is distributed 80:20 in Eco and Comfort, 70:30 in Sport and all-wheel drive in Off-road.

The production GLB is expected to be revealed at the Frankfurt Fair this one, and it is also expected to join the hot AMG GLB 35 version.


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