August 17, 2022

Although so far many things have been known for the new Tesla model, the sports Roadster, it should be known that its market sales will start in 2020

It’s the year when we’ll probably see the novelty in the streets, but knowing Tesla and their delays, maybe later. In order for this time to pass faster, the company has proposed a new video. Film director Jazuki decided to shorten the period by presenting a dark model in a dark room with a play of lights. From this it emerged an interesting teaser where you can see all the “muscles” and attractive lines of the electric super sports car.

The performance promised by Tesla for the new Roadster is impressive. As we have already written, the model should reach the first 100 km / h for 1.9 seconds, while 402 meters will pass for an incredible 8.8 seconds. The maximum speed is expected to cross the limit to 400 km / h, and for all this, a 10,000 Nm of three electric motors is announced. Two of them will be positioned on the rear axle, while only one on the front.

The price of the basic Tesla Roadster will be around $ 200,000, and if you want to reserve one, it will cost you $ 50,000.


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