August 17, 2022

Should Lamborghini Urus look even more aggressive?

Mansory guys surely think so, and this is proven by their new Lamborghini project. The German luxury car modification company, called Mansory, recently presented us another project. This time it was a Lamborghini sports SUV, which they preloaded in a unique sample and called it Urus Venatus.

The modifications in the Venatus are represented by the exterior and interior, while the drive unit remains intact. The front side of the Italian SUV looks more aggressive than ever, thanks to the new bumper which now has much larger air bars. The bonnet is also redesigned and includes additional air vents, and this Urus has received new thresholds.

The design of the rear is even more radical. Here is a bend with sharp ends, complemented by a gigantic robust diffuser that includes three centrally located top of the exhaust system. The classic spoiler is now replaced with a larger and more unique, placed on the luggage compartment cover. Additionally, parts of carbon fiber, tinted headlights, orange accents and massive 24-inch gray wheels can be noticed.

The driver’s cab is also part of this make over, where almost every part has been refined. It is crafted with many orange accents that are a great contrast to gray materials. The company did not miss being praised for its craftsmanship, so “Mansory” logos can be seen everywhere. With the opening of the doors you can see the inscription “Venatus 1/1”, which is another indicator that this Urus is one and only.

As already mentioned, Mansory modifications are not included under the hood of this luxurious model. With a 4.0-liter twin-turbine V8 engine and a power of 641 hp and 850 Nm, they would be unnecessary.


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