June 25, 2022

With new new engines and technology, the German luxury coupé now comes in an even more dynamic and elegant look, for which the Macedonian designer Slavche Tanevski

The German luxury car maker presented us with refreshments in its range, the new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé. As a combination of the best qualities of the SUV and coupe, the new GLC is characterized by a unique uniqueness. In addition to the outer appearance, as part of the list of innovations include the new power units, and there are new technological advancements.

The exterior styling of this coupe SUV features the retention of the visual identity of this model, yet in a more dynamic and sporty variant, where elegance is the main element. The design is a masterpiece by Macedonian designer Slavce Tanevski, who recently presented himself in Geneva with his latest creation, CLA Shooting Brake.

The exterior refreshment refers to the new LED lighting, implemented in the front and rear headlights, which gives this vehicle a completely new light signature. The predominance of the front part is characterized by increased presence of the sporting characteristics, especially in the front bumper, which is now with a new and more aggressive look. This redistributes the redesigned central grid, as well as the new air vents. The appearance of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé is complemented by the new range of aluminum wheels, sporty and elegant design.

The interior is equipped with a digitized control panel, which is also part of the inside of the GLC SUV and the last C class. The large and one-piece cantilevered panel extends elegantly from the central air vents to the armrest. The multifunctional display in the center console increases convenience, while the latest generation of the infotainment system MBUX comes with a larger touch screen and a wide range of control options. The magma gray color of the interior is completely new, which gives an exceptional premium feel to the quality.

As we have already mentioned, the main novelty of the newly refurbished Mercedes GLC Coupé is the new range of engines that also drives the standard GLC. Three versions of the 2.0 liter diesel unit are available, which has a power output of 160 to 242 hp. There are also two petrol engines, ie 2.0 liter engines with 195 and 253 hp. Of course, a part of all aggregates is a turbocharger as well as a four-wheel drive, supported by a nine-speed automatic transmission.

The most interesting part of gasoline engines is the 48 volt electric charge, which aims at starting at start-stop to make it smoother and to fill the turbine charger lag. However, this option does not make the model a real hybrid.

The desired AMG version is not yet available, but the powerful GLC43 and GLC63 are expected to arrive a little later, with the V6 and V8 aggregates.


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