August 17, 2022

Mere weeks after announcing the new second-generation G-Class, Mercedes-Benz is ready with the twin-turbocharged AMG G63 model worth 585 horsepower

It’s only taken Mercedes-Benz four decades to replace the G-Class with, what else, another G-Class, and while the second-generation Geländewagen retains the original’s spirit, the body panels are all-new and the interior is a complete styling and tech revolution compared to the predecessor.

Now just weeks after announcing the new G, Stuttgart (or should that be Graz, Austria, where the G has been manufactured since 1979…) is ready to show off the Mercedes-AMG G63.

Gone is the old 5.5-litre V8, replaced by AMG’s familiar 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine hand-assembled in Affalterbach, and paired to a nine-speed automatic transmission, with rear-biased all-wheel-drive (40:60 torque split) and three differential locks. So, you know, don’t blame the equipment if you get stuck.

Then again the new AMG G63 does ride on 22-inch wheels shod with low-profile road tyres, however the suspension system features adjustable damping and there’s even a strut-tower brace to stiffen up the chassis.

Although it’s a souped up AMG model, the new G63 still features three off-road driving modes (these are Sand, Trail and Rock) but it shouldn’t shy away from twisty tarmac either. Mercedes says the car comes with double wishbone suspension up front and coil springs all-round which should give it a more car-like ride and handling quality compared to the bus-like predecessor.

Being a G63, AMG options and customisation offerings are of course the name of the game, even if everyone will just get their in white in the end. You can still tell the G63 apart from lesser Gs by its flared front and rear wheel arches, wider wheels, unique front and rear bumpers, red brake callipers, and finally some dark-tinted light lenses and windows.

The interior gets the familiar pair of 12.3-inch displays, plus an AMG-specific steering wheel wrapped in perforated leather and squared off at the bottom like a single-seater racing car. Yeah…

With 585 horsepower and a colossal 850Nm of torque, the new G63 is some 20bhp and 90Nm of torque stronger than the outgoing model, and coupled to lighter construction this time around it’s eight-tenths of a second quicker from zero to 100km/h with a time of 4.5 seconds, and a top speed quoted at 220km/h.

Mercedes-AMG says the 2018 G63 will go on sale next month with first customers receiving their cars from this summer. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but figure on setting aside at least AED700,000.


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