August 17, 2022

Electricity continues to conquer the automotive industry, but there are also segments that are difficult to introduce. One of them is the budget model for mass markets, T-Cross.

Representatives in this class, with the introduction of electric versions, have a price that is not suited for the segment, so Volkswagen announced they would not use hybrid or electric units for its new compact crossover T-Cross, which was recently introduced. The reason is that the cost of the car will come closer, and even overcome on models that are larger and offer more.

Currently, T-Cross is the smallest crossover on the VW. It is built on the Polo platform, and its main rival on the European market is Renault Captur. The German model comes with a 1.0-liter turbocharger that develops 95 or 115 hp.

Two more versions of the crossover come and they will get 1.5 liter petrol turbocharger and 1.6 liter diesel. All versions are powered by the front wheels, as the four-wheel drive system will also increase the price of the car.


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