August 17, 2022

Volkswagen introduced the Bulli 6.1 to the audience only a few meters from the site where the first prototypes of the model were built 70 years ago

Constantly changing, developing and improving the transporters, large vans and caravans is a feature of Volkswagen. The new Bulli 6.1 comes with a range of new auxiliary systems, digital instruments, the latest generation of Volkswagen infotainment systems with continuous online access, complemented by the design of the front and dashboard, the latest TDI engines and a fully electric driving system that is new to this model.

The new auxiliary systems include the standard Cross Wind Assist which automatically stabilizes Bulli 6.1 whenever there is a strong wind. New features in the equipment include: Lane Assist – Lane Support System, Park Assist System, Rear View Assist or rear sight help to help avoid reversing accidents and Trailer Assist makes tracking easier. The range of new systems is complemented by a dynamic traffic sign display. The most important new equipment on all infotainment systems is the integrated SIM card (eSIM) and MIB3 systems that also offer features such as Internet radio and music streaming services.

The base engine will be highly efficient 2-liter turbodiesel engines (2.0 TDI engines with outputs of 66 kW / 90 hp to 146 kW / 199 hp). All meet Euro-6d-TEMP-EVAP emission standards. Based on a partnership with ABT, the T6.1 will even be offered as a zero emissions vehicle (82 kW / 112 hp). The battery capacity of up to 77.6 kWh makes driving more than 400 km (NEDC) – making the vehicle ideal for commercial duties in the urban world.


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